BNC User Meeting

Address: KFKI Campus building 19., 1121 Budapest, Konkoly Thege u. 29-33.


9:00-9:05 Welcome      

9:05-9:25 Rafał Babilas: Microstructural characterization of Mg-based bulk metallic glass and nanocomposite 

9:25-9:45 László Szentmiklósi: Neutron and X-ray imaging at the Budapest Research Reactor

9:45-10:05 Martin Pisárčik: Gemini Surfactants: New Class of Self-Assembling Molecules

BNC call for proposals!

The deadline for BNC-proposal submission is October 15th for beamtime in January-June.

If you are interested in performing experiments at BNC please send your proposal using the proposal form and you have also the opportunity to submit your proposal through the online system. For technical question and inquiries about the feasability of your experiments please contact one of the beamline scientists.