We exhibit 'neutron science' at AUTOMOTIVE2018


The automotive industry's one of the most significant exhibitions is the AUTOMOTIVE Hungary 2018. Various conferences, round table discussions, competitions are organized during the exhibition. This year the AUTOMOTIVE 2018 takes place from Wednesday 17.10.2018 to Friday 19.10.2018 in Budapest. The expertise and infrastructure of the Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC) are open to companies. We are there and we are looking forward to discuss a possible collaboration with your company.

CERIC Science Picture Contest 2018


CERIC-ERIC has launched a new open call for photographic material, the CERIC Science Picture Contest 2018, aiming at showing the research environment and its results around the world and at the partner facilities distributed in CERIC Member Countries (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia).

Who can apply
The call is open to photographers, researchers and scientists from any institution, students, travellers, and to anyone willing to show his/her perspective on the world of materials/biomaterials science and nanotechnology.

How to participate
Participants shall submit up to 5 scientific images (microscopy imaging, structures, chemical mapping, etc.) and/or pictures showing the research environment within the December 15th, 2018. Pictures shall be uploaded in the folder at THIS LINK. After submission, post your pictures on Twitter, with the hashtag #CERICpicturecontest.

The deadline to apply to the CERIC Science Picture Contest 2018 has been extended to December 15th.

More information: https://www.ceric-eric.eu/project/science-picture-contest-2018/