NEUTRON DIFFRACTOMETER with a Position Sensitive Detector system

Instrument responsible: Margit Fábián

The PSD neutron diffractometer is suitable for atomic structure investigations of amorphous materials, liquids and crystalline materials where the resolution requirements are not high. It is a 2-axis diffractometer equipped with a linear position sensitive detector system. The detector assembly is mounted on the diffractometer arm and it spans a scattering angle range of 25° at a given detector position. The entire diffraction spectrum can be measured in five steps.

During the year of 2002, the detector system of the PSD has been upgraded, a new system has been installed from Studsvik NFL (Sweden) with a digital electronics technology. The detector system is based on three 3He filled linear position sensitive Reuter-Stokes detectors (610 mm in length, 25 mm diameter). The three detectors are placed in the scattering plane above each other. Data transfer and instrument control has been done by PC-AT (Master PC) with Eagle I/O card. A Windows based instrument software program package has been developed.

During the year of 2009, the interface electronics has been upgraded. A new dedicated electronic device has been constructed, which serves for the electronic control of the movements and data transfer of the diffractometer.

Recently have been developed a new sample environment. An in-situ cell have been designed and build up to the PSD diffractometer. The High Temperature cell may be operated at high temperature from RT to 900°C. 


Table 1. Characteristic features of the PSD neutron diffractometer for two actual arrangements.

Fig 1

             Figure 1.  Schematic arrangement of the PSD neutron diffractometer

     psd SAMPLE


                                   Photographs taken from the PSD neutron diffractometer