NEUTRON DIFFRACTOMETER with a Position Sensitive Detector system

Instrument responsible: Margit Fábián

The PSD neutron diffractometer is dedicated to atomic structure investigations of amorphous materials, liquids and those crystalline materials where the resolution requirements are moderate. PSD is a 2-axis diffractometer equipped with a linear position-sensitive detector system. The detector assembly is mounted on the diffractometer arm and it spans a scattering angle range of 25° at a given detector position. The entire diffraction spectrum can be measured in five steps.

During the year of 2002, the detector system of the PSD was upgraded, and a new system with digital electronics from Studsvik NFL (Sweden) was installed. The detector system is based on three 3He-filled linear position sensitive Reuter-Stokes detectors (610 mm in length, 25 mm in diameter). The three detectors are placed above each other within the scattering plane. Data transfer and instrument control was performed by a PC-AT I/O card and a Windows-based instrument software program was installaed.

In 2009, the interface electronics was upgraded. The dedicated electronics now serves for the motion electronic control and data transfer of the diffractometer.

Recently a new sample environment has been developed. An in-situ cell was designed and installed on the PSD diffractometer. The cell may be operated at high temperature from RT to 900°C. 


Table 1. Characteristic features of the PSD neutron diffractometer for two actual arrangements.

Fig 1

             Figure 1.  Schematic arrangement of the PSD neutron diffractometer

     psd SAMPLE


                                   Photographs taken from the PSD neutron diffractometer