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Arguments and facts about the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY in Hungary, providing evidence why BNC experts and SINE2020 WP 4 project partners were teaming up to participate in this event with Common Booth and Conference activities

Providing over 10% of Hungary’s GDP, the automotive industry produces over 90% of its output for export and it is a key branch of the Hungarian economy. Half of the fifty largest export companies are tied to this industry. This sector includes car manufacturers in our country like Mercedes, Suzuki, Audi and Opel (GM Group), Rába as a Bus & TIR Camion designer and producer, Modulo a national company for electric mobility, as well as over a thousand suppliers of various sizes.

Hungary’s automotive industry has seen investment projects worth varied billions of Euros each years. These projects have offered further growth opportunities for international and domestic small and medium size enterprises alike. Experts say the future may bring the success of electric cars while traditional drivetrain systems will continue to pay a highly significant role in the upcoming 20 years or so.  As far as the future is concerned electric mobility, digitalization and other transport solutions are of utmost importance; while offering novel opportunities for car market players, they also require a labour force with different training and skills. At the same time, there is room for improvement in the productivity of the companies and the extent of added value; most especially, the research and development capability of the SME sector should be improved, and these companies need to learn global thinking as much as possible. That’s what enables them to grow together with their foreign clients, so that long-term developing concepts could result in long-term contracts. All these a/m facts and important statistics contributed significantly that BNC & SINE2020 WP 4 project decided to participate with Common Booth and Conference workshop activities on this event.

The 4 Conferences lectures on the 21st of October at the Automotive’16 Expo were the followings:

Neutrons for Technological Developments in Transport Industry by Dr. László Rosta – Wigner RCP of HAS - Budapest Neutron Centre - Hungary

How can the SINE2020 project help R&D in the automotive sector? by Dr. Caroline Boudou – ILL - Grenoble - France

Element analysis and imaging with neutrons to solve engineering challenges  by Dr. László Szentmiklósi– Budapest Neutron Centre – HAS-EK, Hungary

Complementary use of Neutron, Synchrotron & X-ray diffraction for Material Science by Dr. Mirko Boin– Helmholtz Inst. - Berlin - Germany

Some of the outstanding results during the 3 days Activities related to Automotive’16 Expo are listed as below:

EXPO visitors confirmed their purpose to come and visit the Reactor and Instrument Hall at BNC (we’re arranging the follow up case by case);

Several scientific & technical consultations were held (Musashi Hungary Kft, Kirchhoff Automotive Ltd.,Videoton VT Metal Kft, FÉMALK AG, TRIGO Precision Measurement, Quality and Technological Services, Bálind – precision part production and technology design, ZF Hungária Kft, Kontakt Elektro Kft, RÁBA Zrt – Bus and Camion manufacturer, Bebusch Kft – production support, BÍRÓ – Manufacturing and Tooling Ltd., TOTAL – industrial lubricants,Budai Benefit Kft – Laser plant, etc.);

BNC was invited by two Automotive Cluster to make more efficient our activity and to inform directly their members with presentations during their next society meetings, about our neutron technologic services and analytical measurements to carry on at BNC (North Hungarian Automotive Cluster, Western – Pannonian Automotive and Mechatronics Centre Non-profit Ltd.); - the main professional Magazine proposed a ’publication report’ about our activities and publish it in the next edition (you can find below).


AUTOPRO magazine report on BNC activities in Hungarian