User Office

The BNC User Office organizes the use and administration of the experimental science around the Budapest Research Reactor by in-house and external users. It also takes care of the external users' needs and obligations related their work in BNC concerning safety, travel, accommodation and finance matters.

Scientists, who intend to perform an experiment at BNC have to submit a regular user proposal by filling in the on-line proposal form. Proposals submitted before 15 April and 1 October, the yearly proposal submission deadlines, will be refereed by the international User Selection Panel in due course and if accepted, the panel recommends beam time for the experiment. The User Office notifies the principal investigator and negotiates the dates for the experiment. In between the regular proposal deadlines submission of urgent beamtime proposals is also possible in exceptionally important cases. The evaluation and decision in this case should be approved by a BNC director. For further information please contact the BNC User Office. The beam time is provided by BNC free of charge, if certain conditions apply as described in the  Terms of Reference. (The Terms of Reference do not apply for paid proprietary research. Please contact the User Office for Terms of Proprietary Research experiments.) Experimental reports are due within three months succeeding any experiment at BNC. Please use the BNC-experimental report form and email your report to the BNC User Office. For NMI3 experiments please use the NMI3-experimental report form.

The User Office is located in building 10 / Office 415 (3rd floor) of the KFKI (BNC) campus. The User Office staff are looking forward to helping you.

User Office staff:

   Rózsa Baranyai

  Scientific Coordination

  Phone: +(36)-1-392-2799
  Bldg 10 / Office 415



  Eszter Nagy

  User support & Travel

   Phone: +(36)-1-392-2222/14-52
   Bldg 10 / Office 307b


    Margit Fábián

  Press & Public Relation

  Phone: +(36)-1-392-22222/1965 or 1475
  Bldg 26 / Office 20c,
  Bldg 10 / Office 209