• IPERION-HS call for proposals

    Fri, 18 Jun, 2021


    To submit TNA proposals to the IPERION-HS platforms, please visit Next deadline: 30 June, 2021. Concerning submission, access, etc. regarding your planned IPERION-HS experiment at BNC, please email BNC's IPERION-HS contacts, Zsolt Kasztovszky & Katalin Bajnok. or ask the IPERION-HS User Helpdesk. Due to the current COVID situation, no personal visits, only remote experiments / analyses are possible at BNC. Looking forward to your interesting project plans.

  • Prof. Ferenc Mezei to receive the 2021 Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award

    Sat, 29 May, 2021

      "For the inventions of the neutron spin echo method and the super mirror, which have significantly advanced neutron scattering methods, and for the long pulse neutron source concept, which is the foundation for the novel technical design of the European Spallation Source now being built in Lund.” The Gothenburg Physics Centre proudly presents Ferenc Mezei as the laureate of the Gothenburg Lise Meitner Award 2021. Further details about the award and the Lise Meitner laureates here.
  • COVID-19 update #6

    Sat, 29 May, 2021



    The recent travel restrictions as well as health and quarantine issues related to the corona virus pandemia impacted the operation of many large-scale facilities, and, unfortunately, our neutron centre has not remained an exception. Therefore the Budapest Research Reactor has not operated since 1 March, 2021. We continue to make every effort to resume the reactor operation and restart our international user program at the earliest possible date, without compromising the high standards and the safety of operation dictated by our 60-years nuclear culture. As soon as our services can be resumed, and the international travel restrictions are foreseen to ease, the reactor schedule will be updated accordingly. The BNC User Office will inform the scientific and industrial partners via the BNC web pages, the user mailing lists and via personal emails about the developments. Thereafter, please contact the respective instrument scientists for further details about the schedule of your experiments.    BNC Management

  • BNC webinars on renewable energy

    Mon, 10 May, 2021

    BNC webinar #5 on Renewable Energy "N4DP - Neutron Depth Profiling Instrument  at MLZ"
                  by            Markus Trunk (Department of Physics Technical University Munich, Germany)
                  on            19 May, 2021     14:00 - 14:45 + discussion.       Introduction           

  • COVID-19 update #5

    Mon, 02 Nov, 2020


    Due to the fast spread of the corona virus, the number of readily available staff in reactor operation has decreased below the level of safe operation determined by law. Therefore we were forced to decide to delay the reactor cycles until further notice - effecting also the cycle scheduled to start this afternoon. Apologies for the short notice.  
    BNC Management

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