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13th Central European Training School on Neutron Methods - successfully completed


The Central European Training School has its origins in 1992. It was organized first bi-annually, later annually by the Budapest Neutron Center (BNC) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. This year’s event was the 13th in this series. The objective of these schools has been to provide actual hands-on practices – beside a short theoretical introduction to neutron scattering and to the various neutron based methods for studying structure and composition of matter. The participants expressed lively interest both during the theoretical presentations and the hands-on practices.

Neutrons advance industry - BNC

BNC organized a conference on the 3rd May, 2019, entitled 'Science, innovation, competitiveness', a one-day journey from inspiration to impact, which aims to bring together experts, new-comers, students who have already used, or are potentially interested in utilizing large research infrastructures, in particular neutron techniques available at the Budapest Neutron Centre. The European Union and the Hungarian Government pay special attention to promote innovation and the efficient transfer of scientific results into industrial applications, so improving their economic impact. [Link to the conference pages]

Where neutrons are domesticated - BNC

For 60 years by now that the Budapest Research Reactor has been safely operating on the KFKI campus in Csillebérc, 10 km from the center of the capital. Its successful launch in March, 1959 was a milestone in research and technology for the domestic scientific and engineering community. Its scientific significance and the sometimes surprising use of the results of the research there were also discussed at a ceremony held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 28 March, 2019. [Picture Gallery of the celebration]

Sixty years ago, on 25 March, 1959, the Budapest Research Reactor (BRR) was commissioned in Csillebérc, in the Central Research Institute for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The reactor was Soviet-made, but over the past six decades it had undergone two major upgrades, by which, with little exaggeration, everything, but the building was replaced in it, and it became entirely domestic.

The CERIC call for proposals is now open!


CERIC offers access to more than 50 instruments and two support laboratories, as well as the opportunity of getting support for mobility and more.
As usual, there will be two deadlines:
- March 1st, 17hs CET, to have a pre-evaluation and the possibility to improve your proposal.
- April 1st, 17hs CET, recommended only for expert users of all the techniques requested.

 Apply here: https://vuo.elettra.trieste.it/ 

For further information about the call, visit https://www.ceric-eric.eu/users/call-for-proposals/

13th Central European Training School on Neutron Techniques - announced

CETS2019 will be held between May 5 and 10 at the Budapest Neutron Centre in Hungary. 

CETS gives insight into neutron methods and their application in studying the structure and dynamics of condensed matter. Theoretical training and practical work together with a poster session gives good opportunity for the participants to connect their own research projects with neutrons. Students, PhD students, post docs, newcomers in this field are welcome.

Registration for CETS2019 and further info at: http://www.kfki.hu/cets/

DEADLINE: 10 March, 2019

BNC exhibits 'neutron science' at the AUTOMOTIVE2018


A most significant event of the automotive industry in Hungary is the AUTOMOTIVE Hungary exhibition in Budapest. Various conferences, round-table-discussions, competitions are organized during the exhibition. The expertise and infrastructure of the Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC) are open to companies. We are there and we are looking forward to discuss a possible collaboration with your company.