Introduction - Prof. Mikhail Avdeev

Our speaker today is Prof. Dr. Mikhail V. Avdeev, who was graduated from the Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics (MEPhI) in 1995 majoring in solid state physics. He received his Ph.D. (in 2002) and D.Sc. degree (in 2012) from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, Russia. His research interest has focussed on various areas of structural research with the application of neutron scattering and the corresponding instrument development. These include small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) from complex multicomponent systems (magnetic fluids, nanocarbon materials, biological solutions), neutron reflectometry (NR) from liquid-containing interfaces (adsorptionof nanoparticles on solid surfaces from colloidal solutions, electrochemical interfaces). He has developed neutron scattering experiment design (SANS and NR instruments at the IBR-2 pulsed reactor).

At present, he is a senior researcher, head of the Neutron Optics Sector of the Department of Neutron Investigations of Condensed Matter, FLNP at JINR. Dr. Avdeev is the author of almost 200 publications. He has delivered various lecture courses on applications of neutrons at the  Moscow State and the St.-Petersburg State Universities as well as at the State University of Dubna. He is member of the editorial board of scientific journals.

Dr. Avdeev has spent his post doc period in Budapest, he and his students have been frequent users at BNC and he is a regular lecturer of the Central European Neutron Training Schools.

Beside its many disadvantages, let us think of a benefit of the COVID-19 pandemic, that such webinars are organized now regularly all over Europe and connect colleagues easily at thousands of kilometers away.

Please welcome Prof. Avdeev who is at 2000 km from Budapest and who will give the last BNC webinar of this series before the summer break.

The title of his presentation  is “Li-ion batteries: Neutron Scattering Results”.