HWXY - SANS 2D data treatment

Any person may download and freely use the HWXY 2D data treatment program for Windows written by Gérard Pépy. The software and the principles behind are presented by the author in his Applied Crystallography publication which may be dowloaded from here. The author assumes no responsability for any consequences using his program may cause.

To run HWXY on a PC the user must download the current HWXY executable (and a few directories which are also provided) from The program files may be downloaded from here and unrar-ed to a single directory of the PC.

- dat_func  contains images of available model functions and dispersions
- data  contains some data files, useful for examples (the user's data may be located anywhere in thePC)
- datv  contains files necessary while running HWXY
- Dir_DLL contains some useful DLL or objects. Two of them, COMDLG32.OCX and VB6FR.DLL  MUST be copied to C:\\windows\SysWOW64
  Other DLLs may be necessary for some data formats: TIFF, FIT...
- tmp  For every run of HWXY a file will be stored in this directory, to summarize what has been performed.
          It may be used later on to replay the action. Captured images, grouped pixel files, etc. are also located in this directory.
          It is the user's responsability to remove useless files.

After a first run of HWXY, the user will observe that the following two files (debugfile.txt and final_matrix.txt) have been created. These files are overwritten upon every run.
debugfile.txt is useful to understand why some problems may have been encountered. In such accidental cases please send this file (+ a screen capture) to me (g-pepy at laposte.net) along with with the data and correction files.
final_matrix.txt is useful only for users who would be interested in the χ2 values through the fit process and the final calculation of the parameters' error bars.

In order to get a hint of what HWXY does the user may replay some stored “history files”, which are located in the school-ex directory.

For this purpose:

- start HWXY
- click on “replay process” button
- pick one of the available .txt files in the opening window
- several windowsare appear; they are useful to organize the display of the data file,grouping of pixels in filters and their display, defining a fitting model with initial parameters...
- look at the window with the map and display of grouped pixels
- click on “Fit” in the main menu on the right, this puts forward the “Fit” window
- clicking on “RUN FIT” will start a fit.

Good luck !                                     Gérard Pépy