Call for BNC LENS beam time proposals

BNC calls for "BNC LENS beam time" proposals to ease the unprecedented shortage of neutrons in several neutron sources all over the world. The action is a one-time offer and valid for the year 2022. It targets the neutron users whose experiment(s) have been allocated beam time within any LENS facility's user program but not yet scheduled for any reason, provided that - at least an essential part of - the experiment is technically feasible to accomplish on BNC instruments­. No further refereeing process will be applied. Besides the user experimenter(s) the instrument scientist (IS) responsible for the proposal in the other LENS facility is welcome to take part in the experiment. 

Submission deadline: 22 February 2022.

In order to speed up the process, the technical discussion between the principal investigator (PI), and the IS of BNC and that of the LENS facility which had originally accepted the proposal will start within 3 days of submission. 

A BNC LENS beam time

  • is restricted to PI-s of LENS-accepted proposals 
  • is restricted to max. 3 proposals per PI, (with preference order indicated)
  • is free of charge. (Additional equipment presently unavailable at BNC and special consumables remain at the responsibility and expence of the proposer PI.)
  • Beam time will finally be allocated by the BNC management - taking the advise of the IS's.
  • Experiments may be either a participatory or remote (for explanation see usual BNC call)
  • Proposal title must be identical with that of the original proposal
  • As far as the applicable rights and obligations are concerned, a BNC LENS beam time proposal is identical with a regular BNC science proposal as described in the Applying for beam time section of the BNC website.

To apply, the proposer is expected to send the application as an email to the BNC User Office including:

  • Original proposal - attached
  • Beamtime allocation letter from a LENS member facility - attached
  • BNC proposal form - attached
  • Reason for urgency (Ph.D. thesis, etc.)
  • Cc to original facility User Office and IS
  • Title(s) of additional submitted / to be submitted BNC LENS beam time proposals on the name of the applicant, with an order of preference

In case of any further questions, please contact the BNC User Office.