CETS neutron school registration open (UPDATED!)

Wed, 08/25/2021

BNC's 14th Central European Training School (CETS 2021) on Neutron Techniques will be organized in a hybrid form this autumn. A virtual (on-line) theory module between 4 to 8 October will be followed by an (off-line, in-person) hands-on training module between 25 to 28 October, 2021. The language of the course(s) is English.

The deadline for registration is 27 September, 2021. Please follow the instructions at www.bnc.hu/cets to register for the event(s). Applicants for the theory module are accepted from all over the world. The in-person hands-on training (which is limited to 25 participants) can be attended by participant who completed the theory module, and passed a multiple-choice test at the end.
A single application form applies to both courses. If you plan to attend both, please tick "(online) theretical and hands-on training". Both courses are open to international attendees. Prior to the in-person hands-on training a more than 15 and less than 180-days old full vaccination certificate is to be presented. Moreover, the admission to the in-person course will be limited to persons (attendees and tutors) producing a negative fast antigen test (provided by BNC) on 28 October, the first day of the training course. Hungarian and international applicants who reside in Hungary are particularly encouraged to apply for the hands-on training. At the time of the announcement (1 September 2021) no restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic are in effect in Hungary, and, apart from possible face-mask wearing mandate and the well-known rules of social distancing, no restrictions are foreseen around 25-28 October, either. However, the consequences of unforeseen travel restrictions and quarantine measures, which can not be excluded in that period will remain at the risk of the attendees. We will keep you informed about the actual COVID-19 situation on these pages. International candidates please regularly consult the web pages of the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate in your country concerning the Hungarian regulations that apply to your country of residence. 

Upon registration to the hands-on training at www.bnc.huí/cets the applicants are requested to send a CV and a publication list to cets@bnc.hu. Moreover, they are encouraged to submit an abstract on their own research, which will be an advantage in assessment. The book of  abstracts of CETS 2021 (with an ISBN) will be published by BNC. Acceptance of the applications will be announced by 1 October.

The combined theory + hands-on training course has been accredited by the Doctoral School of Physics at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and the Doctoral School of Physical Sciences at the  Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Students who wish to earn doctoral school credit points hve to complete both the theory and hands-on training modules and have to submit an abstract related to their own research. Please consult the training plan of the respective doctoral school concerning ECTS credits. 

More details on the past and the upcoming CETS events as well as a CETS 2021 flyer are available on the school's web pages. Should have there remained any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please kindly distribute this information through your own channels.

CETS Organizers

Adél Len
Katalin Bajnok
Rózsa Baranyai
László Bottyán