COVID-19 update #2 - reactor operation suspended

Thu, 03/26/2020

In line with the restrictive legal measures of the Hungarian Government, considering the health of our staff and users as a top priority, the user operation of BNC has been suspended until further notice. Moreover, since the end of the 39/16 reactor cycle on 20 March, the operation of the reactor was suspended. Activities have been restricted to safety and emergency operations.

Most of BNC science staff, work from home-office. Electronic means are being used to facilitate group work and communication. We are still accessible on-line, by e-mail to the User Office. You can also directly email the instrument responsibles your specific requests.

According to our present reactor schedule the starting date of the next planned cycle is 11 May. We will continue monitoring the situation and revise the schedule if  necessary. Further necessary changes will be announced until 7 May at the latest. The BNC web pages in general and the reactor schedule in particular will be updated regularly to inform our user community.

The beamline proposal deadline for the 2020 autumn cycles has been postponed to 15 May. Besides, rapid access proposals are still being accepted, where priority evaluation and access will be given to those related to the fight against the CoVid-19 pandemic. These measurements can be realized as soon the logistic aspects are solved and the Budapest Research Reactor is in operation. Read about the planned consorted actions against the COVID-19 pandemic by LENS, (the League of the European Advancd Neutron Sources) and of ESFRI (the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures).

BNC Management