SINE2020 Industry Consultancy call

Thu, 01/31/2019

FREE analysis of your material or device at European neutron research facilities:

Apply for beam time here by March 31, 2019!

Probing matter with neutrons is non-destructive!

You don’t know what neutrons are capable of? Time for a change!

SINE2020 offers the opportunity to use Europe’s leading neutron facilities for your company’s R&D. This offer is relevant for all companies within the following industry sectors:

  • Chemicals (e.g. surfactants, catalysts, polymers, foams, fibers, textiles,)
  • Materials & components (e.g. metallurgy, magnetic materials, nanomaterials, construction materials, composites, semiconductors)
  • Environment and Energy (e.g. fuel cells, batteries, solar cells, hydrogen storage, biomass processing, composition of soils, oil and gas)
  • Pharmacology, Life Sciences (e.g. vectorisation, drug molecule binding sites, thin films, membranes.)

Summary of the first two calls: