WP6 Hub Coordinators meet in Budapest

On 27 April, the third BrightnESS Hub Coordinators Meeting took place at the Budapest Neutron Centre in Budapest, Hungary. The meeting, which brings together the representatives of the six BrightnESS Hubs, was hosted by Margit Fabian, Hub Coordinator of the South-East Hub, along with her colleagues.


The meeting began with a tour of the 10 MW Budapest Research Reactor, one of the key and largest research infrastructures in Hungary. After the tour, each of the Hub Coordinators gave a status of previous and upcoming activities in their respective Hubs. In addition, the Hub Coordinators presented some of highlights of their activities in the project so far, which included communication to and with target groups such as industry, science and academia, political stakeholders and the broader public. 

- In my opinion, these meetings are very fruitful and productive for the whole project. Sharing experiences about the work done with the others and building new outreach activities together for the future is enriching for the network. In an international project as BrightnESS it is very important to think globally, encouraging inputs from all partners for later acting locally in terms of communication and dissemination,” says Sira Cordon, Press Officer at ESS Bilbao and Hub Coordinator for the Iberia Hub of BrightnESS.

The Hub Coordinators plan to meet again in September 2017 in Spain. You can see an overview of all the WP6 Hub Coordinators here.