Terms of Reference

Beam time by BNC is provided free of charge if the following conditions apply:

  • - The acquired results are published in a peer reviewed journal with due reference to BNC (see below).
  • - The Experimental Report on the performed experiment is submitted in due time (within 3 months following the experiment).
  • - The BNC local contact becomes co-author of any publications containing results of the experiment. The principal investigator seeks explicite consent of the local contact before submission of the manuscript .
  • - The BNC local contact or the User Office are informed about any publication on the results achieved at BNC.
  • - The used BNC instrument(s) get properly referenced in the publication similar to: “This work is based on experiments performed at the [instrument name] instrument operated by [xy] at the Budapest Neutron Center (BNC), Budapest, Hungary.” (xx being one of the following institutions: Wigner RCP, Center for Energy Research). The DOI of the article to refer to is available at the instrument's web page at www.bnc.hu/instruments. Furthermore,
  • - if financial support has been granted to the experimenters, this fact has also got to be acknowledged in the respective publications.
  • - The Scientific Data Policy of BNC is obeyed.

The above Terms of Reference do not apply for paid proprietary research. Please negotiate the User Office for terms of paid proprietary research.