Structure of silica-gelatin aerogels – Implications in drug delivery

 15 March 2020                                                     Credit: BNC / Z. Dudás   
  Developing new drug delivery systems is a key aspect of pharmaceutical research. Supercritically dried mesoporous aerogels are ideal carriers for small molecular weight drugs due to their open porous structures and large specific surface areas. Hybrid silica-gelatin aerogels can display both fast and retarded drug release properties based on the gelatin contents of their backbones. The structural characterization of the aerogels by SANS and by NMR diffusiometry, cryoporometry and relaxometry revealed that the different hydration mechanisms of the hybrid backbones are responsible for the broad spectrum of release kinetics. The molecular level understanding of the functionality of the hybrid inorganic-biopolymer drug delivery systems facilitates quality-by-design in this research field.  

M. Kéri, A. Forgács, V. Papp, I. Bányai, P. Veres, A. Len, Z. Dudás, I. Fábián, J. Kalmár: Gelatin content governs hydration induced structural changes in silica-gelatin hybrid aerogels – Implications in drug delivery, Acta Biomater. (2020) 105, 131–145