BNC recognized as Excellent RI

At a professional event held at the University Pécs on 16 Dec, 2021, among other research infrastructures (RIs), BNC was recognized as “Excellent Research Infrastructure” by the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation (NKFI Office).

   L to R in front: Drs. L. Palkovics, T. Belgya (director of BNC,
the Certificate), I.  Szabó, Zs. Fülöp

Speakers of the event (Dr. László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, Dr. István Szabó, Vice President of Science and International Affairs of the NKFI Office, and Dr. Zsolt Fülöp, Chairman of the National Research Infrastructure Committee emhasized that research infrastructures play a prominent role in both basic and applied research. Moreover, through the scientific results obtained by their application, these infrastructures contribute to the increase of Hungary's economic performance, therefore a system level development of research infrastructures and the strengthening of their awareness are important not only from a scientific but also from a national economic point of view. 
The best Hungarian research infrastructures were selected with the involvement of the National Research Infrastructure Committee. The NKFI Office collected information on Hungarian research infrastructures in the framework of a questionnaire survey. The aim was to identify Hungary's excellent research infrastructures and networks and to make potential users, (research institutes, individual researchers, higher education institutions and businesses, and individual researchers) aware of their potential and properties in a user-friendly way. A research infrastructure or network of infrastructures is a device, equipment, laboratory, database or information system, whether physical or virtual, which operates primarily for scientific purposes using available resources and which provides, independently or in a network, services that carry out research. and technological advances. The TOP 50 infrastructures received an official certificate entitling them to use the title of “Excellent Research Infrastructure” on their physical and digital communication interfaces. These institutions are included in the database accessible via  the website of the NKFI Office can be searched on the basis of several parameters. The fact that the institutions operating the infrastructures have a wide international visibility. Networking is also supported by a representative publication presenting the most important Hungarian research infrastructures, the aim of which is to provide even more opportunities to establish international collaboration.