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DENIM 2015 at BNC

History of DENIM

The first Design and Engineering of Neutron Instruments Meeting (DENIM) was held in 2012 at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory’s ISIS facility with 45 participants. The inspiration and concept for DENIM stemmed from the lack of existing forums to discuss neutron instrument designs and capabilities from the engineering perspective.
DENIM 2013 was held at the SNS, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA with 76 engineers attending.
DENIM 2014 was organized at the FRM2 by MLZ, together with Technische Universität München,Forschungszentrum Jülich and Forschungszentrum Geesthacht. There were 90 participants attending the event.

Now the annual DENIM has already established itself as a regular engineering workshop in the field of neutron scattering instruments. The increasing number of participants well indicates the rising interest about the meeting and expecting over 100 engineers to attend the DENIM 2015 organized by Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC) in downtown Budapest.

Scope of DENIM 2015

The purpose and scope of the DENIM is to provide a forum for the discussion of the current state of the art of rapidly evolving scientific instrumentation. The main objective is to bring together engineers to introduce the neutron research institutes from engineer’s point of view and discuss the technical aspects of designing and building neutron instruments. Engineers come together as a community to share ideas and enhance future neutron scattering instruments. The goal is to establish and improve the communication between engineers at different facilities and sharing of ideas, both successes and failures. The community of engineers is also keen to hear from instrument scientists the most stringent challenges as well as mid- and long term requirements in the field of existing and foreseeable neutron scattering techniques.

Why attend the DENIM?

  • The DENIM is dynamically growing community in the field of neutron instrumentation development
  • Expand your network, get in touch with scientists, engineers and experts of related areas attending the meeting
  • Meet representatives from academia and business
  • Get updated on the latest research results, design solutions and scientific opinions
  • All major topics on neutron instrumentation development presented in 10 sessions
  • An exhibition with representatives from dedicated European and International companies
  • An exciting social programme

Mark your calendars to attend on DENIM 2015!