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Presenter Presentation

Adam Magi

Novel Signal Processing for Event Recording and Qualification in a Large Area TOF PSD System

Andras Szalay

Manufacture of experimental control rods by explosive powdercompaction

Andreas Ofner

Using Lead as construction material

Christian J Schmidt

The 10B based Jalousie neutron detector

David Anderson

3D Printing and Neutron Scattering
The Past, Present and Future of DENIM

Ed Binkley

Analizer Development for the CANDoR Instrument

Gerrit Günther

Shielding Concept for Background Optimization of the Neutron Time-of-Flight Spectrometer NEAT

Giuseppe Aprigliano

Neutron Crystallography Beamline at ESS

Iain Sutton

80 years of Neutron Choppers

János Orbán

High resolution detector based on solid boron converter

Jim Nightingale

IMAT Design Evolution

József Janik

Budapest Cold Neutron Source
Design and constructions of an in-situ cell for neutron diffraction studies

Markus Köhli

The CASCADE Project - a multi-layer 10B neutron detection system

Massimo Rogante

Engineering knowledge and applied research managing support in the neutron field for industrial companies and scientific institutions

Matteo Corbo

Neutron Detection Electronics from CAEN

Matthias Weinzierl

Design and certification of the chopper disks for the NEAT II TOF spectrometer- A lesson learned

Peter Keller

Possible unmagnetisable materials to modify the sample area

Rob Connatser

ESS- Current Status

Romuald Hanslik

Polarizer changer for KWS1

Scott Olsen

Optimising neutron beam instrument designs for ease of use, maintenance and future upgrades

Sergey Klimko

Development of the curved NRSE flippers for Multi-MUSES spectrometer at LLB

Shane Kennedy

Development of Neutron Instrumentation Opportunities and Challenges

Stewart Pullen

Progress update for the preliminary design of ODIN

Sylvain Desert

PA20 collimator design of a multi-purpose collimator for SANS and GISANS at LLB

Valeria Antonelli

CFRP chopper discs-state of the art and long term perspective