Prof. János Füzi – An Appreciation


János Füzi was born on May 26, 1960 in a Hungarian family in Brașov, Romania. He spent his childhood and finished his schools in Brașov with excellent marks. He earned his degree in electrical engineering from the Transilvania University of Brașov in 1985. He proceeded to work as an electrical engineer at an aircraft manufacturing facility in Ghimbav. Meanwhile, he studied at the Mathematics Faculty of the Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca and graduated in mathematics in 1992.

After 7 years of employment at Ghimbav, capitalizing his experience, started lecturing at the Transilvania University of Brașov in 1992. At first as an assistant lecturer, then as a senior lecturer and later as an associate professor. In 2004 he was appointed as professor.

János obtained his PhD degree in electrical engineering from the Transilvania University of Brașov on a thesis entitled: “The mathematical models of magnetic hysteresis and their application in the computer simulation of electromagnetic systems“.

In 2000, he was awarded a János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He resettled in Hungary and started his job at the predecessor of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics as a research fellow working on development of neutron-optical devices. Later he became a senior research fellow, then the Head of the Neutron Spectroscopy Department.

Besides modelling magnetic hysteresis, his opus magnum, his research interest extended to application of graphical methods in modelling complex systems, calculation of magnetic fields in the presence of ferromagnetic materials, magnetic and dielectric behaviour of materials and surfaces at radio-, microwave- and far infrared frequencies. János has always been involved in application projects, like development of neutron beam characterisation methods and of various neutron optical devices. He authored a number of scientific publications, among them four in the field of graphical methods in modelling complex systems.

Since 2005, János has also continued his educator career. He has been lecturing physics, electronics and control engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Pécs. Having habilitated at the Faculty in 2013, he earned professorship and became a core member of the Breuer Marcell Doctorate School.


János was an empathetic colleague, an excellent educator and an admirable person. He used to iron out most of emerging problems by telling nice instructive szekler jokes. He had great relish for walks, gardening and woodwork, he loved spending time with his family and friends. For his sense of humour, jauntiness, imaginative mind and helpfulness, his young colleagues were fond of his company.

His passing away is a great loss to us, his colleagues, students, fellow instructors and professors. His sudden death is painful to accept. We often feel that his loss is not final, only a long-drawn journey.


Budapest, 24 January, 2020