9:00 Opening -- Ákos Horváth (Director of BNC)

9:15 Introductory lecture – László Rosta (Scientific coordinator, BNC):
Neutron Techniques and the Budapest Neutron Centre

9:45 Invited lecture – Marc Thiry (HZ-Geesthacht, DESY): European Initiative:
Neutrons for Industry – Highlights from the SINE2020 Project *

10:15 Invited lecture – Michel Hübner (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne):
Towards a Pan-European Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) network for Research Infrastructures. Experience from the Swiss ILO Office

10.45 – 11.15 Coffee break

11:15 Invited lecture – László Szentmiklósi (, BNC):
Industrial Applications – Highlights from European Neutron Centres

11:35 Invited lectureKároly Osvay, Christos Kamperidis, Gábor Szabó (ELI-ALPS and Uni. Szeged):
Laser-driven neutron source for transmutation

11.55 Invited lecture  – Péter Trampus (President, MAROVISZ):
Filling the gap in the NDT quality chain

12.15 Invited lecture Katalin Bajnok (Eötvös University / Wigner RCP, Budapest): Application of neutron techniques to investigate museum objects - Heritage science at BNC

Special applications, synergy of traning-industry-research infrastructures

12.35 –  József Kalmár (University of Debrecen):
Drug delivery applications of aerogels – Relationship between matrix structure, wetting mechanism and functionality

12:50 – Sándor Zoletnik (Wigner RCP):
Hungarian participation in large fusion research infrastructures through the Hungarian Fusion Technology Platform

13:10 – Discussion

Posters will be on display from the beginning until the end of the conference.

13:15 – 14.15 Lunch

14.15 Invited lecture – István Szabó (vice-president, NRDI Office):
Innovation and Research Infrastructures

14.45 Invited lecture – Massimo Rogante (Rogante Engineering): 
Italian Landmark for Industrial Applications

15:10 Invited lecture – Norbert M. Nemes et al. (Universidad Complutense de Madrid):
Neutron Powder Diffraction – Key Role in Synthesis of Novel Thermoelectrics

Special applications, synergy of training-industry-research infrastructures

15:30 – János Orbán (Evopro group): Evopro in science

15:45 – Viktória Kiss (MTA Institute of Archaeology): Scientific Methods and Cultural Heritage

16.00 -16.20 Coffee Break

16.20 Cinema: video-clips on neutron applications

16.45 Round-Table discussion – Invited Panel members:
Tamás Belgya (BNC), Tibor Brányik (TRIGO – TBC), Csaba Kilián (MAGE), Prof. István Mészáros (BMGE), 
Áron Kuthi (Autopro), Dr. Marc Thiry (HZ-Geesthacht, DESY), Dr. György Ujfalussy (EGIS – TBC).

18.00 Cocktail  Free discussions, matchmaking

19:00 End of the Conference

Poster presentations (on display during the entire conference):

Imre Ferenc BARNA (Wigner Research Center for Physics, Budapest): Major and trace elements in the humic acid
András Lajos NAGY (Széchenyi István University, Győr): Wear Analysis and Measurement of Technical Surfaces and Friction and Wear Test Samples
Eszter DIAN (MTA Centre for Energy Research, Budapest): Radiation-protection-related measurements of concrete samples at the Budapest Research Reactor
Katalin BAJNOK (Wigner Research Center for Physics, Budapest):Neutrons for Heritage Science at the Budapest Neutron Centre
Ludányi Zsolt (Mirrotron Ltd. Budapest): Neutron optics and instrumentation
István G. SZABÓ (OMI OPTIKA Engineering Office Ltd): Neutron Imaging Facilities Designed and Manufactured for the BNC

*SINE2020 receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654000