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Neutron scattering lengths and cross sections All data here were taken from the Special Feature section of neutron scattering lengths and cross sections of the elements and their isotopes in Neutron News, Vol. 3, No. 3, 1992, pp. 29-37.

Java-based Nuclear Information Software (JANIS) is a display program designed to facilitate the visualization and manipulation of nuclear data. Its objective is to allow its user to access numerical values and graphical representations without prior knowledge of the storage format. It offers maximum flexibility for the comparison of different nuclear data sets. (N. Soppera, M. Bossant, E. Dupont, "JANIS 4: An Improved Version of the NEA Java-based Nuclear Data Information System", Nuclear Data Sheets, Vol. 120, 2014, pp. 294-296)

Neutron scattering e-learning platform now open.

e-n   Neutron scattering textbook, exercises, and simulations of experiments are now available online and for free at The platform was developed with support from NMI3-II and features an introductory course in neutron scattering and muon spin spectroscopy.

The platform will be further developed and the learning material expanded in connection with the SINE2020project.

To access the e-learning portal go to, choose “Get an account” and fill in your personal information. We hope that you will enjoy this new resource and encourage you to try it out!